Cookies & Milk*


Instead of leaving cookies & milk for Santa this year, Santa or his elves will bring you a dozen homemade large chocolate chip cookies and a half gallon of his favorite glass-bottled milk.

Choose the milk of your choice:

  • Whole Milk
  • Reduced (2%) Milk
  • Fat Free (Skim) Milk

Would you like Chocolate Milk as well? (Adds $7)


Our farm fresh milk is only lightly pasteurized and never homogenized. Our cows are free-range, grass-fed cows that are never given growth hormones, antibiotics or grains. The glass bottles keep your milk colder, keeping your milk fresher for longer. Also, we bottle your milk upon order so you get the longest life out of your milk.

*Must give 72 hours notice.

All final pricing includes item, state tax, and driver dressed in festive elf attire.


2% Reduced Milk, Fat Free (Skim) Milk, Whole Milk

Add Chocolate Milk?

No, Yes (adds $7)

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