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Call/Text directly for all questions or to book your delivery date 732-554-2001. Have a Holly Jolly Hassle-Free Christmas!   We look forward to seeing you this holiday season!

Frequently Asked Questions

When your Christmas tree arrives and you find that you have ordered a tree that is too large or too small, have no worries.  Your driver will have a selection of alternative trees to choose from.  If none strike your fancy, we will arrange a day and time to switch out to replace the tree previously delivered for a tree that better fits your needs.  Please note that you may be charged a re-delivery of $25 depending on the circumstances of the order change.  Also, your tree price may increase or decrease based on the size tree, and thus may qualify for a credit or you may have to pay the difference if it is a larger tree. 

It usually takes 24 hours for a tree to settle, and for branches to adjust to the new environment at the location.  If after 24 hours, you are not happy with how the tree has settled then please take a photo and email to Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Delivery at: [email protected] and we will quickly review your case and if warranted, will work to schedule a tree switch.  Please do not contact the office for a switch of the tree until after 24 hours has passed, as we need to see how the tree acclimates to the environment. 

Trees and the change to their environment – going from very cold to a heated home – can shock their system.  Usually a tree will start absorbing water within a couple days of their new environment, but if they do not then no worries.  Give it more time – they will be thirsty, and inevitably nature takes over and they drink. 

We recommend waiting 24-48 hours so your tree has a chance to adjust to the new environment, branches settle into position.  Generally the smaller the tree the less time, the larger the tree the more time – but waiting a day or two max is fine.

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